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Family office

Our objective is to help you to protect, increase and pass on your wealth by advising you in a vast number of financial, legal and fiscal issues.

As a truly independent family office we can unconnectedly advice you, as we are not bound to any financial party.

Through the audit, the coordination and the follow-up of all intervening parties in the management of your assets (banks, asset managers, insurers, lawyers, structuring experts,) we guarantee your sole interests.

Our services are focused on wealth planning, estate planning, wealth management, structuring, insurance, family governance and administration. No task is too small for us. In our network we have a big number of different international service providers. Among them we can choose the best suited for your needs to help us realize your plans. We are also happy to work with your own counselors.

Asset Management

Some of the buzz words today in private banking are: “family office”, “fee-based consulting”, “and on-going service report” – these are appropriate and accurate terms for our services. Quite rapidly, after having started our family office, many of our clients wished us to play a more active role in their portfolios. It became natural for us to take care also of the asset management.

We had all the necessary tools – independence – knowledge of the client’s story & needs – detailed and transparent reporting – regular market information.

We manage your investments based on the risk profile that we have decided together with you, and of course based on the market conditions.

Our investment philosophy is based upon diversification, strong convictions, long term value growth, opportunism and open architecture.

Independent, we will use the best available knowledge in the market. We leverage our vast network of contacts, built over years of industry experience and engagement, to carefully select providers in order to ensure a solid, safe and efficient foundation.

Discretionary or advisory asset management, we will define together with you the management objectives – sensitivity to risk – time horizon and any other specific considerations to be taken into account.

Our aspiration is to use our expertise to serve our clients.